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ETL Tour and Travel
As Your DMC in Ethiopia, Africa?

Benefits of Using ETL Tour and Travel as a DMC in Ethiopia, Africa.

ETL Tour and Travel represents YOU, your goals and objectives to the vendors in Ethiopia and the East African region where you are holding your program. You benefit from our knowledge of local products and service quality and reliability. ETL Tour and Travel as a DMC will represent you, always keeping your best interest and budget in mind.

Save Your Time with ETL Tour and Travel as Your Responsible DMC in Ethiopia

Don’t let your client’s waste time researching vendors for every service they need, use our in-depth knowledge of the destination and the best and most reliable supplies. A travel life partner the member of the code.

We are your one-stop-shop; let us keep all the details in line and simple for you. We handle all of the supplies and present one invoice for all services after your program. You don’t have to worry about deposit deadlines or approval of contract terms for each vendor. An inclusive digital payment ecosystem is a key enabler to make Digital Ethiopia a reality by 2025 and advance the Sustainable Development Goals

Get the Best of the Best DMC in Ethiopia

Our team members live in and around all Destinations  Ethiopia, so you can be sure that if we recommend something, we are confident in what we say about it. We are on the ground every day uncovering the best the destination has to offer clients. This enables us to uniquely customize an experience that meets your objectives.

We have access to unique and exclusive tour programs, often not available to the privileged travelers. Customized experiences, You can benefit from our buying power and long-term relationships with suppliers, attractions, and accommodation. If there is a challenge with suppliers, ETL Tour and Travel as a DMC has more leverage to get the solution the client wants on the spot as well create awareness.

Excellent Financial Management and Great Value

In addition to our selling values, we are volume buyers. You may send your clients any time; we are here every day in your representation. We put that buying power to work to negotiate and provide solid, cost-efficient, value-added, proven solutions to meet your budgetary and experiential objectives.  We provide detailed accounting of all charges to client who allows you to easily audit your program and see where budget savings are available.

Peace of Mind

We work with public and private companies on a regular basis, so we are cognizant of the emphasis on risk and exposure. You can count on us to mitigate exposure to risk through a variety of standards and processes:  It’s all about Risk Management: all supplier partners are rigorously vetted and subject to monthly reviews to ensure they meet our high safety and service standards, have extraordinary levels of customer services and terms of business that are amenable to our clients.

Oversee and manage all consumption of meals; proactively manage the safety concerns with meal consumption. Create routings for all transportation moves to ensure efficient and accurate directions; investigate potential street closings, traffic, construction sites, conflicting event permits or weather considerations.

ETL Tour and Travel has a thorough Emergency Preparedness & Response Plan and all our staff have been trained on our internal procedures. System-wide tools, check lists and forms built over processes of program experience are used with each event to ensure no detail is overlooked.

All staff and supplier-partners are fully briefed on client, program and attendee details and expectations prior to the event. Background checks on supplier-partners are completed prior to association.

Everyone is a VIP

We go above and beyond to ensure all elements of the program meet desirable customer service levels; anticipate elements of vacations and events to ensure the comfort and safety of all guests.
Manage the service level of all suppliers utilized for program requirements; effectively communicate to all vendors the timing and delivery of contracted services; ensure vendors are knowledgeable and trained on the delivery of services required. 

  • Select and manage staff to support the delivery of all required services.
  • Plan and manage load-in and load-out of all program elements.
  • Provide accurate feedback to clients and partners on program choices.


We Sustainable service provider a pre-qualified DMC partner who recognizes the value of long-term relationships and repeats clients.

About us

Our services will be positioned very carefully: they will be of extremely high quality, colorful, comfortable, and informative and tailored to the client’s needs such that they will enable individuals to have a greater appreciation of the natural environment and its intricacies

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