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ETL shall be knowledgeable of and prepares to offer special fares, restricted fares, discount fares, and bulk fares for use whenever appropriate. Fares which entail restrictive conditions and fixed rates with no additional service charge from ETL (such as penalties, or stay-over), however, shall only be booked with the express approval of authorized in Ethiopia’s personnel;

Where available, use of the lowest applicable fare (including penalty fares) may be your preference;

VIP and business class travel or equivalent may be applicable only in limited situations and upon your special request

For every duly approved travel request, we shall immediately make bookings on at least three (3) main airlines operating the route (in cases more than one airliner operates in the route) and prepare appropriate itineraries and formal quotations based on the lowest fare and the most direct and convenient routing.

ETL shall deliver air tickets issued only on approved ticket stock of the International Air Transportation Association (IATA) or tickets stock of recognized, reputable airlines as approved by the clinet in Ethiopia. To ensure securing confirmed tickets we advice advance booking whenever possible.

ETL shall only act on travel requests for official travel submitted by the responsible staff of clinet in Ethiopia;

ETL shall be given complete copies of the various clinet in Ethiopia’s travel policies and procedures and shall be fully familiar and comply with these policies and procedures for all official Travel;

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